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About Recolis

About Recolis


Recolis is an application that allows participants' smartphones and PCs to become simultaneous interpretation receivers. It can also be used for music distribution, etc. using high-quality multiple voice distribution.

Safe and easy to use for both organizers and customers

Recolis is a new type of simultaneous interpretation receiver that uses a dedicated application.

No time-consuming delivery, no risk of receiver distribution or loss.

Our engineers will support each and every meeting.


Scale and location agnostic systems

This system can flexibly handle not only traditional in-house meetings and large-scale events, but also the rapidly increasing number of remote meetings, hybrid meetings, and live streaming.

If the system is used frequently, it is possible to install the basic system.


※We can add more servers to increase the number of connections to more than 1,000 with a prior request.

Various benefits to expand the range of use

With Recolis, you can solve the problems that have been limited by the presence of simultaneous interpretation.

With these features, Recolis can be used for a wide range of purposes other than simultaneous interpretation.


Two types of operation

There are two ways to use Recolis: local version and cloud version.

In both cases, participants can use the same application.

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