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Manual for SmartPhone

Manual for smart phone


If you want to use Recolis Simultaneous Interpretation Receiver on your smartphone for an event or conference you are attending, please click here.

Table of Contents

  1. What you need

  2. Before you join the conference

  3. How to connect

  4. Explanation of screen icons

1. What you need

If you decide to use Recolis at an event or conference you are attending, please download the Recolis app to your iPhone or Android smartphone!

2.Before you join the conference

Please check the following


○Is your device version up to date?


○Recolis has been downloaded.


○Have you updated the version?

If there is an update, you will see a message when you launch the app, please follow the instructions to update.


○Are you able to listen to the Recolis test voice?

If you can listen to the test voice, you can listen to the real voice without any problem.

→Open Recolis and listen to the test voice.


○If you are using a web conference and Recolis at the same time, please listen to Recolis with earphones, not with speakers.

 There is a possibility that the audio from Recolis will enter the Web Conference and the audio will loop.

 If you don’t have earphones, please use the receiving speaker.


3. How to connect

When Recolis is used for an event or conference, you will be informed about how to access it in advance.

You can use either of the following access methods: (1) Access URL, (2) QR code, or (3) Access code.

(1)Tap the access URL.

URL such as is the access URL

When you tap this URL, Recolis will start automatically.


(2)Scan the access QR code.

If the URL does not open automatically when you tap the access URL, or if a paper access QR code is distributed at the venue, Recolis will automatically launch when you scan the QR code.


(3)Enter access code

If you still can’t read the QR code properly, you can also enter the access code manually!

Start the Recolis app, tap “Access code connection”, and enter the access code provided

Please note that the access code for web conferencing is different from the access code for Recolis.


4. Explanation of screen icons

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