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Next-generation simultaneous
interpretation receiver application

Please give it a try! You can listen to the test audio.

1. Download

Please download the app from this page or QR code


2. Access

There are 3 ways to access

  1. Click this URL

  2. Open the Recolis and enter the access code “1234”

  3. Read the QR code below (smartphone only)


3.Select Channel

Select the channel you want to listen to.

For the test delivery, “Japanese” and “English” are being delivered.

If you can listen to this audio, you will be able to listen to the audio without any problems on the actual test.

→If you cannot listen to the test audio, click here.

Update information

2021/6/17 [Ver 4.1.4] Confirmation popup appears when pressing the back button while watching. Also, some text correction for windows version.

2021/5/17 [Ver 4.1.3] Changed UI and added behavior when taking QR code photos.

2021/3/18 [Ver 3.1.5] Changed some text notation.

2021/3/5 [Ver 3.1.4] Fixed some bugs.

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